Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3G iPhone will generate higher sales

According to Paul Carton, the research director at ChangeWave Research, a quarter of the people polled in March who plan to buy an iPhone said that they were postponing the buy until Apple releases a new model (14 per cent) or were waiting for 3G compatibility (11 per cent).


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Marc said...

I was wondering, with all the attentions the iPhone gets these days, that it might be a very good idea to let the world know that you are working on it?

Because with all respect for the Notify websites and this blog I ‘m sure that not to many decision makers will read it, and that OTOH a PR, mentioning “iPhone” and “AAPL” will get a lot MORE attention for your product in a whole as the AAPL ticker symbol triggers MANY wires. I gives you free exposure and a broad “advertising” platform if you want.

Once the client comes out, you can once again do a PR of course, but it is NOW that you should jump on the hype. Not to forget: Notifylink DOES fill a gap in the apps for the iPhone and I think it’s a good idea to put THAT in the picture NOW and later on this year.

Just an idea for your marketing department …