Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nokia Intellisync Handheld Edition 6.0 Notice of Product Discontinuation

Nokia Intellisync Handheld Edition 6.0 Notice of Product Discontinuation
Nokia Intellisync Desktop Suite includes Nokia Intellisync Handheld Standard Edition and Nokia Intellisync Handheld Edition for Enterprise.

The sale of both Nokia Intellisync Handheld Editions is being discontinued. There will be no replacement products.

Schedule for products discontinuation is as follows:

Last order date: July 19, 2008
Last date to purchase support: July 19, 2009
Last (possible) date of contracted support: July 19, 2010
New product purchase:

Product can be purchased until July 19, 2008.
New product purchase will automatically include one year full support.
Nokia Intellisync Handheld Standard Edition
For new product purchase, click 'Buy Now' button on right side.

Nokia Intellisync Handheld Enterprise Edition
Product Support Contract Renewal Purchase

Support offerings will be offered for one-year renewal of one year of service.
Support contracts purchased up until July 19, 2008 will include full remedial support for one year.
Support contracts purchased after July 19, 2008 and up until July 19, 2009 will include only critical security fix support until July 19, 2010.
For new product purchase information or for support contract renewal purchase, visit to locate your nearest Nokia for Business Channel Partner.

Do you like video on your BB?

Here are some sites for collecting video for viewing on your BB:

Control Your Blackberry Using Your Voice with Vlingo - FREE download!

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (June 25, 2008) – Vlingo Corporation today debuted a new application for BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM), offering the industry’s first complete voice-powered interface based entirely on vlingo’s breakthrough speech recognition technology. Available free-of-charge*, vlingo’s BlackBerry application lets users send emails and text messages, search the Web, open applications (BlackBerry® Calendar, BlackBerry® Maps, etc.), dial their phones, look up contacts and even send notes to themselves – all with the power of voice.
“Just a few months ago, vlingo was selected to voice-enable Yahoo! oneSearchTM, which showed the world just how quick and easy mobile Web search can be with the power of voice,” said Dave Grannan, CEO of vlingo. “Vlingo takes this technology beyond Web search into everyday applications that are now instantly more usable and easier to find because you only need to think about one button and a few spoken words. Vlingo believes that we can immediately improve the way every person interacts with their wireless device and the BlackBerry platform is the perfect place to start our aggressive expansion strategy here in the U.S. and abroad.”
Vlingo is easy to use. BlackBerry smartphone users can simply press the side “convenience” key on their handset, which lets them speak commands into the phone. Available beginning today, vlingo gives BlackBerry smartphone users voice control over the most commonly used applications, including:

Voice Dial. Initiate calls to anyone in your address book.

Text Message. Send text messages without typing.

Email. Simply speak “Email John Smith” to start an email on-the-go, and you can speak the body of the message as well.

Applications. Open calendar, maps, etc.

Address Book. Search for contacts without typing.

Web Search. Look up anything online in one step. Just say, “Web search: concert tickets in Boston,” and the results are displayed.

Note2Self. Send yourself a reminder in the form of an email, task or text message.
Vlingo gives BlackBerry smartphone users control over mobile information and tasks with the power of their voice. Users do not need to change how they speak or memorize a list of commands. They can say what they want, how they want, and vlingo captures the results – word for word. Vlingo’s voice-enabling technology provides users with a simple way to access almost anything on their handset. With the most accurate system on the market that gets even better as more users join the community, vlingo gives users the ability to freely mix typing and talking with no limits on what they can say.
Vlingo is currently supported on the BlackBerry® Pearl™, BlackBerry® Curve™ and BlackBerry® 8800 series smartphones. Vlingo will be adding additional devices and operating systems in the third and fourth quarters of 2008. A demo video of the new vlingo BlackBerry application is available at Vlingo is available for download, free-of-charge* at
About vlingo
Vlingo is a voice-powered user interface that unlocks access to mobile phone wireless data services. Vlingo allows users to speak or type into any vlingo-enabled text box and get accurate, easy and consistent access to all the information, entertainment and communication made possible through today’s mobile applications. By giving consumers control of the mobile Internet with the power of their voices, vlingo provides a quantum leap in usability for mobile data services that are currently restricted by limited user interfaces. IDC has named vlingo one of the “Ten Emerging Mobile Players to Watch in 2008.” The company secured its venture capital financing from Charles River Ventures, Sigma Partners and Yahoo! Inc. Founded in 2006, vlingo is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Why tap when you can talk?
* Wireless charges may apply. Please check with your wireless service provider.
The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. RIM assumes no obligations or liability and makes no representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee in relation to any aspect of any third party products or services.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nokia to Acquire and Open Source Symbian

Blogger zyzko writes on SlashDot: "Nokia has placed an offer on Symbian stock — it currently owns a 48% share and intends to buy the other shareholders out, 91% of the stockholders have already agreed. The press has already labeled this as an countermeasure to fight Android. Nokia has also created Symbian foundation — it might mean more open Symbian." Symbian is "currently the world's dominant smartphone operating system (206 million phones shipped, 18.5 million in Q1 2008)," writes reader thaig, who points out coverage in the Economic Times. If this deal goes through as expected, the Foundation says that selected components of the Symbian operating system would be made available as open source at launch under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) 1.0 , with the rest of the platform following over the next two years.

Symbian Foundation

NotifyLink supports the Symbian OS S60 r3 devices with full email and PIM.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Talk about a do I get one?

Cnet writer Tom Krazit reports that AT and T is paying Apple $325 per iPhone 3G! Yair Reiner that claims Apple will wind up getting just as much revenue from the subsidies as it did from the revenue-sharing agreement between Apple and AT and T that was in place before the introduction of the iPhone 3G last week.

The actual price of the iPhone doesn't matter to most people, but certain AT and T customers who might not be eligible for the upgrade price of $199 or $299 will likely have to pay the unsubsidized price--or something close to it-- for the iPhone 3G. Current iPhone owners are eligible for the $199 price, as are new AT and T customers, but some AT and T customers who use another smartphone and have been with the carrier for a short time might have to pay the higher price.
And it matters to AT and T, obviously. The company raised the price of its iPhone data plans by $10 a month to offset the subsidies it's paying to Apple. AT and T is throwing an awful lot of cash at Apple from the start, rather than on an ongoing basis as was the case with the revenue-sharing agreement. Still, the heavy subsidies will be worth it if iPhone 3Gs start flying off the shelves on July 11.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

NotifyLink for the Apple iPhone

I'm hearing some buzz that Notify Technology will have a client for the iPhone soon.
Does anyone have any news? Sounds like this will be big!

iPhone for GroupWise

It appears the word is out. NotifyLink will be supporting the iPhone on GroupWise later this summer! Check it out... NotifyLink's support is not only limited to just the iPhone either. NotifyLink's On Demand & On Premise solutions also supports Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On-Demand hosted support for Scalix

Notify Technology Corporation (NTFY) just announced NotifyLink On-Demand hosted service support for Scalix. System will be ready to start accepting hosted customers on Monday June 23. Systems in the U.K., hosted by London Web and in Switzerland hosted by European Center for Operational Support will also offer the NotifyLink hosted service for Scalix.

Scalix is now part of 13 different platforms supported by NotifyLink. There are rumors flying at the San Jose company headquarters regarding support for a new platform, called "lucky 13". We don't know which email and PIM collaborative platform this might be but insiders hint at the big building across the valley closer to the mountains, with the word GOOGLE on the top.

More to come on integration of NotifyLink for GOOGLE mobile in an upcoming article.

This is on top of the upcoming NotifyLink for iPhone2.0 release from Apple (APPL). Amazing stuff from Notify Technology Corporation!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Great site for BlackBerry lovers

Check out the site for some great info on BlackBerrys (RIMM). These guys keep their ears to the ground for all that's new in the BB world.

Lot's of free stuff to check out and play with. Their mailing list is highly recommended if you love your BlackBerry like we do ours.

Apple gives up piece of data action

Apple (APPL) has re-negotiated their deal with AT&T (ATT) and has given up getting a piece of the action on the data service in exchange for AT&T buying down the price on the device. Many analysts don't understand that Apple can still be charging AT&T ful price for the iPhone now that AT&T doesn't have to pay them a percentage of the data plan. The early thinking was that Appple would make less money but in actuality they will do just fine.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

iPhone for GroupWise

A reader asked us to comment on when the NotifyLink for GroupWise client for iPhone will finally be ready.

Spies at Notify Technology (NTFY) tell us that they are on schedule for an end of July "pre-release" of their new iPhone client.

None of the third party developers for the Apple (APPL) iPhone can be faulted as the control for the SDK rests entirely with Apple. When they decide to release the full SDK, the TPD's will be ready.

iPhone everywhere

These days, all we hear about in the industry is iPhone. iPhone this, iPhone that... it seems endless. Whose supporting iPhone for GroupWise? Whose got it for 13 other email platforms? These questions and more are on the minds of many.

In Canada, the surge has only just begun. Will it resemble the experience of any other country into which the mighty iPhone has introduced? Or will it create a whole new model for data consumption (read knowledge), among users? As a culture muted by Government subsidies, Canadians are quick to respond to any "subsidized" marketing program. With the announcement that the iPhone 2.0 would only cost users as little as $199...when it's upgrade time..."who ya' gonna' call?" Phone busters....iPhone 2.0. For many the new BB 9000 could be free...and they'll still try the iPhone @ $200.

Competitors to Rogers are unable to offer the iPhone on their network infrastructure, so they are disadvantaged, but not powerless. They started to offer unlimited data plans on some very popular smartphones many months ago as a pre-emptive strike...but you had to ASK to get the lowest the marketing wasn't what I'd call "effective"...more like "defensive".

Just the buzz surrounding the iPhone is getting potential new "phone" customers to consider a "smartphone". Mobile web access is very appealing and quite compelling for many. The refined web experience offered on iPhone 2.0 and it's rival the BlackBerry 9000, make we want to trade up immediately. Some new users may want to be part of catchy song like "1-2-3-4" from Feist, that made the iPod launch campaign, so successful. Others will quickly fall in love with what I've a beautiful device to work with. If a fraction of the billion phones sold each year become consumption will become a non-issue and the world will come that much closer to life in web browser.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Apple introduces new iPhone for Canada

Vito Pilieci , Canwest News ServicePublished: Monday, June 09
SAN FRANCISCO - Steve Jobs took the wraps off of a new cheaper and more powerful iPhone on Monday destined for Canada.
Jobs unveiled a next-generation iPhone with faster Internet access that will run on advanced wireless networks and sell for as low as $199 US -- half the current entry-level price.
Improved e-mail features for the iPhone are intended to woo business people, while its ability to run on faster networks is key to Apple's push to gain market share in Europe and Asia.

Apple Corporation CEO Steve Jobs speaks during his keynote speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California June 9, 2008.

"It's amazingly zippy," Jobs said, showing off the encore to a device that melds a mobile phone, iPod media player and Web browser. The new iPhone, available in black and white, loads Internet pages about 2.8 times faster than the original, he said.
Analysts said it would change the stakes in the mobile market given its price, business-oriented services, and speed. "It changes the game for all smart-phone makers," said Tim Bajarin, head of Creative Strategies, referring to the price.

An entry-level version of the new iPhone, with 8 gigabytes of memory, will cost $199 US, versus $399 for an older-generation iPhone with similar memory. A version of the new iPhone with twice the memory will cost $299 US. Both will go on sale in 22 countries including Canada on July 11. "This positions Apple well vis a vis other smart-phone competitors such as Nokia and RIM," said Shannon Cross of Cross Research, referring to Research in Motion Ltd , which makes the BlackBerry e-mail device. "IPhone is no longer an expensive device. It's now priced at the mass market."

The new iPhone will run on third-generation (3G) wireless networks and includes satellite navigation capability, Jobs told developers at a conference in San Francisco, about a year after the original iPhone went on sale.

A new service, "MobileMe," will send automatically e-mail and other information to iPhones, similar to Microsoft Corp's Exchange e-mail server product. The pay service will also offer Web applications intended to make the phone work more like a desktop computer.
"It clearly puts them in a competitive position on the services side against Google , Microsoft and most importantly Nokia," Ben Wood, research director of UK-based CCS Insight, said of MobileMe.

Apple has sold 6 million iPhones, Jobs said, and analysts say the business could eventually match the size of its Macintosh computer or iPod businesses.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

London Web win Gold!

London, UK (PRWEB) June 4, 2008 -- London Web Limited are pleased to announce they have been appointed by US software manufacturer Notify Technology as their "UK Gold Partner" for providing "NotifyLink Enterprise Server" sales, support and the provision of hosted NotifyLink "On Demand" services from the UK. "Live Remote Support" is offered as well as on site server installation and handset configuration services if required.
NotifyLink Enterprise Server not only provides mobile push email but also synchronises PIM Data (Contacts, Calendars, Tasks) from an extensive array of established Enterprise Collaborative email solutions. Offering wider handset support than other single manufacturer solutions (such as BES), NotifyLink Enterprise server works with Blackberry, Windows Mobile, PalmOS and Symbian 9.1 smartphones. (Apple iPhone support is confirmed for later this summer).
The solution comprises of client software installed on the phone, which communicates securely with a server "over the air". The server may be installed "On Premise" or London Web can provide a hosted "On Demand" solution from within their secure UK datacentre. The NotifyLink server communicates securely with the corporate email/PIM servers and pushes any changes in both directions. Any IMAP4 compatible server can be used in email only mode and the following platforms are supported for PIM Synchronisation: CommuniGatePro, Exchange, Gordano, GroupWise, Kerio, MDaemon, Meeting Maker, Mirapoint, Oracle, Scalix, SUN, Zimbra
According to Jamie Easterman, Managing Director, London Web "This partnership confirms and strengthens our position in the marketplace for providing secure, flexible and reliable solutions for the growing mobile workforce. Our hosted email solutions have now pushed the envelope of Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere availability with the addition of NotifyLink to our product portfolio."
London Web has been providing business quality Internet services since 1996 and NotifyLink compliments the existing solutions it offers in the "Unified Communications" sector. Despite the local sounding name London Web provide global Internet and business communication services and support to some of the finest organisations around the world.
"We are excited to have London Web on board as our Gold Partner providing NotifyLink Technology in the UK" says Paul DePond, president and CEO of Notify Technology. "London Web's experience of secure business hosting and the NotifyLink Enterprise Mobility Solution enables the company to provide businesses real-time, secure, wireless access to corporate data including the management of email, calendar, contacts, and task information with local support during UK business hours."
For further information contact Jamie Easterman on +44 (0)20 8349 4500 or or see