Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On-Demand hosted support for Scalix

Notify Technology Corporation (NTFY) just announced NotifyLink On-Demand hosted service support for Scalix. System will be ready to start accepting hosted customers on Monday June 23. Systems in the U.K., hosted by London Web and in Switzerland hosted by European Center for Operational Support will also offer the NotifyLink hosted service for Scalix.

Scalix is now part of 13 different platforms supported by NotifyLink. There are rumors flying at the San Jose company headquarters regarding support for a new platform, called "lucky 13". We don't know which email and PIM collaborative platform this might be but insiders hint at the big building across the valley closer to the mountains, with the word GOOGLE on the top.

More to come on integration of NotifyLink for GOOGLE mobile in an upcoming article.

This is on top of the upcoming NotifyLink for iPhone2.0 release from Apple (APPL). Amazing stuff from Notify Technology Corporation!

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