Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Control Your Blackberry Using Your Voice with Vlingo - FREE download!

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (June 25, 2008) – Vlingo Corporation today debuted a new application for BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM), offering the industry’s first complete voice-powered interface based entirely on vlingo’s breakthrough speech recognition technology. Available free-of-charge*, vlingo’s BlackBerry application lets users send emails and text messages, search the Web, open applications (BlackBerry® Calendar, BlackBerry® Maps, etc.), dial their phones, look up contacts and even send notes to themselves – all with the power of voice.
“Just a few months ago, vlingo was selected to voice-enable Yahoo! oneSearchTM, which showed the world just how quick and easy mobile Web search can be with the power of voice,” said Dave Grannan, CEO of vlingo. “Vlingo takes this technology beyond Web search into everyday applications that are now instantly more usable and easier to find because you only need to think about one button and a few spoken words. Vlingo believes that we can immediately improve the way every person interacts with their wireless device and the BlackBerry platform is the perfect place to start our aggressive expansion strategy here in the U.S. and abroad.”
Vlingo is easy to use. BlackBerry smartphone users can simply press the side “convenience” key on their handset, which lets them speak commands into the phone. Available beginning today, vlingo gives BlackBerry smartphone users voice control over the most commonly used applications, including:

Voice Dial. Initiate calls to anyone in your address book.

Text Message. Send text messages without typing.

Email. Simply speak “Email John Smith” to start an email on-the-go, and you can speak the body of the message as well.

Applications. Open calendar, maps, etc.

Address Book. Search for contacts without typing.

Web Search. Look up anything online in one step. Just say, “Web search: concert tickets in Boston,” and the results are displayed.

Note2Self. Send yourself a reminder in the form of an email, task or text message.
Vlingo gives BlackBerry smartphone users control over mobile information and tasks with the power of their voice. Users do not need to change how they speak or memorize a list of commands. They can say what they want, how they want, and vlingo captures the results – word for word. Vlingo’s voice-enabling technology provides users with a simple way to access almost anything on their handset. With the most accurate system on the market that gets even better as more users join the community, vlingo gives users the ability to freely mix typing and talking with no limits on what they can say.
Vlingo is currently supported on the BlackBerry® Pearl™, BlackBerry® Curve™ and BlackBerry® 8800 series smartphones. Vlingo will be adding additional devices and operating systems in the third and fourth quarters of 2008. A demo video of the new vlingo BlackBerry application is available at Vlingo is available for download, free-of-charge* at
About vlingo
Vlingo is a voice-powered user interface that unlocks access to mobile phone wireless data services. Vlingo allows users to speak or type into any vlingo-enabled text box and get accurate, easy and consistent access to all the information, entertainment and communication made possible through today’s mobile applications. By giving consumers control of the mobile Internet with the power of their voices, vlingo provides a quantum leap in usability for mobile data services that are currently restricted by limited user interfaces. IDC has named vlingo one of the “Ten Emerging Mobile Players to Watch in 2008.” The company secured its venture capital financing from Charles River Ventures, Sigma Partners and Yahoo! Inc. Founded in 2006, vlingo is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Why tap when you can talk?
* Wireless charges may apply. Please check with your wireless service provider.
The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. RIM assumes no obligations or liability and makes no representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee in relation to any aspect of any third party products or services.

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