Wednesday, June 11, 2008

iPhone everywhere

These days, all we hear about in the industry is iPhone. iPhone this, iPhone that... it seems endless. Whose supporting iPhone for GroupWise? Whose got it for 13 other email platforms? These questions and more are on the minds of many.

In Canada, the surge has only just begun. Will it resemble the experience of any other country into which the mighty iPhone has introduced? Or will it create a whole new model for data consumption (read knowledge), among users? As a culture muted by Government subsidies, Canadians are quick to respond to any "subsidized" marketing program. With the announcement that the iPhone 2.0 would only cost users as little as $199...when it's upgrade time..."who ya' gonna' call?" Phone busters....iPhone 2.0. For many the new BB 9000 could be free...and they'll still try the iPhone @ $200.

Competitors to Rogers are unable to offer the iPhone on their network infrastructure, so they are disadvantaged, but not powerless. They started to offer unlimited data plans on some very popular smartphones many months ago as a pre-emptive strike...but you had to ASK to get the lowest the marketing wasn't what I'd call "effective"...more like "defensive".

Just the buzz surrounding the iPhone is getting potential new "phone" customers to consider a "smartphone". Mobile web access is very appealing and quite compelling for many. The refined web experience offered on iPhone 2.0 and it's rival the BlackBerry 9000, make we want to trade up immediately. Some new users may want to be part of catchy song like "1-2-3-4" from Feist, that made the iPod launch campaign, so successful. Others will quickly fall in love with what I've a beautiful device to work with. If a fraction of the billion phones sold each year become consumption will become a non-issue and the world will come that much closer to life in web browser.

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