Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPhone 3.0

Is it just me or does the rest of the world see through all the hype around the iPhone 3.0 release? So many promises yet nothing of any real substance to make the iPhone a "contender" in the enterprise space.

Oh sure, adopting Microsoft's ActiveSync was a smart move, but to take credit for "exposing some hidden features" like business policies is, uhm, blowing your own horn a little too much for my liking. The iPhone is still so far behind the BlackBerry, one doubts they will ever really catch up. There's no way the worlds most popular smartphone manufacturer is going to sit on their hands and watch while iPhone hypes up their second rate business phone.

Don't get me wrong, I like the changes the iPhone has brought to the market. But do any of you really consider "automatic software updates" to be a leap in technology? It's sounds really cool that they've sold 800,000 software applications, but aren't a lot of them only a few dollars? Unless you were one of the 7 or 9 idiots who bought the "I am rich" "application" for $1000 only to find out it was just a screen saver, you're not helping change the course of smartphone history. Besides, who'd really want to be remembered as one of the nine dumbest people on earth who would pay $1000 for a screen saver...while there are thousands of starving children that could really use a nice screen saver!

The only thing that iPhone 3.0 shows us is that with the right amount of hype, you can make people believe almost anything.

BlackBerry wins again!

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Marc said...

"BlackBerry wins again" ....hmmmm... maybe you might change it to "Microsoft will win at last :