Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NotifyLink for Google Apps Premier Edition

Yes, it's true! Insiders at Notify Technology advise us that Notify Technology (NTFY) is releasing their client for Google Apps!

You can now enjoy full bi-directional synchronisation on your device of choice while enjoying the benefits of Google Apps.

There is an official press release being prepared this week for release on July 16!

Prices are rumored to be in the $120 per user per year range.


Fred said...

120$?? Per year!

I think you are pushing it a little too far there guys.

This kind of service should cost no more than 30$, and should be for life.

Google isn't meant to be open source ? Their API's are public. It's a matter of time before a free app like this come for free. And don't you think something like this will come with Android ?

NotifyLink said...

Hi, Fred. I'd love to call you to elaborate because it's not a "simple" explanation. May I respond by pointing out the huge differences between a free IMAP client and an "Enterprise" calibre product. Another key factor is device management which is only available through a "client based" application. Compound this with support for all SmartPhone OS's and now, 13 mail platforms, and the best support in the country...and you may begin to see the reason your strategy has so far failed every organization that has entered this space.

Thanks for posting!