Thursday, July 3, 2008

Significant Improvements in iPhone 3G

The new iPhone 3G is a significant improvement in both hardware and software. Physically, it's thinner and rounder at the edges, While the durable glass front remains, the brushed aluminum back has been replaced with a plastic housing much more comfortable to grip. And the headphone jack is actually now flush so you can use any headset. Inside, Apple has added GPS in addition to its location based capabilities as well as 3G allowing for significantly faster access than the current EDGE technology with speeds approaching that of Wi-Fi or as Jobs calls it, amazingly zippy. Battery life has also been enhanced.

The software, dubbed iPhone 2.0 Software, provides new features and addresses many of the naysayers concerns. To appease the Enterprise users, it will offer, wirelessly, out of the box, full Microsoft Exchange support using ActiveSync allowing for Push e-mail, Push Contacts, Calendar, auto discovery of the Exchange servers and global address lookup. It will also offer Cisco secure VPN (Virtual Private Networks) as well as many other security support features. And if you lose your iPhone, it can be remotely wiped.

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