Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sucker born every minute or too much money?

You'll need to decide for yourself, but there is a controversy brewing over Apples control of their iTunes store.

The web is awash with references to the article hyperlinked to the title. It is about 5 users who paid $999.99 to purchase the "I am Rich" application for their iPhone, that makes the screen show a picture of a glowing garnet.

This application was "worth" the price of admission for at least five iPhone users, before Apple pulled the plug on the smart and industrious German developer Armin Heinrich. There was no misrepresentation what so ever and the description of the product matched its functionality what's the problem?

The problem is that far too many people have become used to doing incredibly stupid things, then whine and complain to whom ever will listen, to bail them out of the results of their own stupidy (or personal purchase decision). The "government" usually picks up most of the tab for most people's stupidity...and then makes laws to govern at the lowest common denominator. We are slowy "dumbing down" society by pandering to the bottom rungs of the food chain. Laws are always made to "govern" the most stupid and irresponsible among us. Do people need a law against stealing to remind them that it is wrong? Apparently they do...and the list grows every year. Intelligent people don't steal (truely intelligent people) and it isn't because some line of text in a judges book of rules, tells them so. NO, these laws are soley there to control and manage the stupid people who can't figure out the simple "rules" of life.

Anyway, all my ranting aside, take a look at the article and make up your own mind.

We say, who are Apple to decide what is fair when it comes to a private developers application pricing strategy? Think about all the other ways a strategy like that would harm the way anybody does business in a free market economy.

SHAME on Apple for trying to regulate against freedom of choice.

Here is Armins ad on iTunes:

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