Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who are "The FIVE"?

Are you as curious as I am about who the "Rich Five" might be? Who can afford $1000 for a screen saver?

Other questions that are starting to burn:

Will the Five sell their exclusive application?
Will Armin find another way to sell his screen saver?
How much more is the application worth, now that only 6 people on the planet own it?
Will one of the "The Five" sell their app on eBay?
Will they sell their iPhone along with the installed "I am Rich" application?
What would the app be "worth" if millions could acquire it?
What if YOU were the only person on the planet to own the app, would you sell it to make a buck?
Is Apple right to crush "freedom of choice"?
Will Apple become BIG BROTHER and control other apps or content of the iPhone?
Will "The Five" leverage their unique opportunity?

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