Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BIG News in wireless synchronisation

The big news that everyone is talking about is the announcement by Nokia that they are dropping Intellisync...and their $430 million dollar investment that went along with it. Dropping that kind of cash is news enough in itself. Dropping support for a product that you have convinced thousands if not millions of people to use...is another story.

Comments from pundits are starting to surface and it's too early to gauge the reaction to the move by giant Nokia. Our attention is immediately drawn to the situation now faced by the millions of GroupWise users the world over. Intellisync is/was the "guts" of the GroupWise Mobile Server...so now what? Poor GroupWise gets kicked in the groin again by one of its "partners" and once again we're reminded to be careful what we wish for. Support for your product by a monster organization like Nokia, may be a curse disguised as a blessing or the proverbial "wolf in sheeps clothing". I dare say the GroupWise team got bitten on the behind with this move!

Fortunately for the wireless mobility world...there is NotifyLink. As one wireless platform provider after another bites the dust, NotifyLink stands strong.

If you're not using NotifyLink now, dump what you're using before they dump you! Come to a company offering a product you can trust for the long haul. We've been here since the birth of mobility and we're remain determined to provide the worlds best third party mobility application. You will continue to have the CHOICE to use what ever email platform, device, wireless carrier and data plan that YOU CHOOSE.

We say it's time to stand up and tell your carrier what YOU want!

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Marc said...

another big story in de the world of "corporate push PIM"?