Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NL v4.5 supports Scalix 11.4.1

Notify Technology (NTFY), San Jose, CA today announced full version 4.5 support for Scalix 11.4.1


Marc said...

Why pay for NL, if you can sync with ActiveSync for free?

BTW, I'm think that I did reaad here something a while back about an upcoming new product, "Even better than ActiveSync" an superinexpensive...
It might be worth waiting for this?


NotifyLink said...

The single biggest reason is security...Active Sync alone, lacks the ability to perform a Remote wipe and lock and it is forced to store user authentication credentials on the device in clear text.

From the user's perspective the addition of a web console to manage their mobile account personally is a big factor. Administrators also appreciate being able to put users in charge of configuring and editing their own settings.