Friday, December 5, 2008

Mobility programs are cost effective

With the current economic climate, administrators are being asked to justify expenditures of any sort. These days, your project better deliver either cost savings or increased profits or you probably won't get approval for funding. The logic applies right down to the family level who create small mobility projects of their own.

Mobile technology can save you money when the right products are applied to the process being mobilized. Remembering that a successful mobile program is an equation of mulitple parts, if you're careful you can economize to the point of eliminating some costs entirely by selecting the right products and services. How can you eliminate costs entirely? By choosing the right products and services as the components of your overall mobility equation. The right products are those that give you the most flexibility in choosing the remaining components like devices, service plans and even groupware choices. Flexibility will give you agility in the deployment of your overall mobile program.

Competion among device manufacturers and wireless carriers can work to your advantage if you're not locked into any single program under long term contract. With the pace of change in the wireless industry, long term should be considered to be about 60 days! You can rest assured if you don't like things today...wait a week and there'll be changes.

So once you've selected the right components you should find that some choices actually pay for others so your mobility program enjoys an increased ROI sooner and longer.

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